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hammered copper & sterling earrings
Katarina - $40
Part of the Bast Collection
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hammered copper & sterling earrings

This earrings measures 1 inches in length.

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One of the oldest metals ever used by man, natural copper has a unique, warm glow. It's been used in jewelry for thousands of years and has been an important material in the development of civilization.

Copper has a reddish color and takes on a bright metallic luster, but tarnishes easily. It turns color to either a dullish brown or a shade of green known as "verdigris". When verdigris forms over copper, it works as a protective layer and prevents further corrosion.

Chemicals in some peoples' sweat can hasten this oxidation process and cause the verdigris to rub off onto their skin, "turning it green."

Katarina - $40