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sterling, Thai silver, and delica necklace
Finding A Way Out - $50
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This lovely necklace features miyuki delica beads with an authentic Thai silver pendant. It is finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

This necklace measures 19 inches in length.

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The highly-sought-after Miyuki Japanese beads are considered a "world standard" for their high quality, brilliance, and uniform shape.

The glass is melted on the second floor of their factory in Japan and poured through holes in the floor that determine the shapes of the bead. Compressed air hitting the center of the glass column turns it into a hollow tube of glass.

The vertical tube of falling glass passes under a thick chunk of wood and turns at a right angle to become horizontal, and cut into 1 meter lengths. The tubes are then cut into beads by machines. One Delica cutting machine can only cut 4-5kgs of beads per day, which is one reason for their high cost.

Cut beads are mixed with carbon black and reheated to make them round. Delicas are only slightly heated; round beads are heated more. The beads are then washed and heated once more to give them a surface polish. Some beads require multiple treatments which directly influence their final cost. After dyeing or color-lining beads, Miyuki reheats them again to set the colors, a step skipped by some bead companies to reduce costs.

Thai Karen Hill Tribe silver is created with "high content" silver which guarantees silver purity of up to 98%.

Thai hill tribe silver beads and pendants are handmade by the Karen Hill Tribe in northern Thailand using traditional tribal methods passed down from generation to generation.

By removing the middleman and working with Thai artists directly, our supplier of Thai silver helps both sustain a traditional craft and provide the Karen Hill Tribe people with maximum profitability and a reliable source of income for Karen artisans and their families.

Finding A Way Out - $50